These are the fun pieces that happen in-between and during the "Water" shoots.  As I am shooting with a model in a pool with colored fabrics, I will often see a gorgeous collection of colors together and shoot those without the model at all.  Eventually, I shoot with only fabric and no model to distract me.   I love color, so being able to play with a distinct color set was exciting.  I would choose a color palette or theme add a vibrant accent color and stir up the pool.

     This series was created for interior designers and for the art collector that is not comfortable having nudes in the living room.  These works are available in sizes ranging from 8 inches x 12 inches all the way up to 4 feet by 8 feet.  You can purchase these in the groups shown or as singles or doubles or if you want a bigger collection, I can probably reach into my repertoire' and find more from the shoot to match. I will also do commissions for exact colors and textures.  Also, if your home design does not allow for metal, I can also print on canvas or traditional photo paper and you can frame to match your home.

     I like to print these photos on metal to highlight the reflective quality of the water.  The metal is scratch-resistant and water-proof and fingerprints clean up with a clean damp cloth.  The art is lightweight and hangs quite easily with one or two nails, depending on the width of the piece.  No need for framing.

     Please enjoy the works and send me any questions you might have.

     Many of these pieces are square.  Here are the prices in a variety of sizes. 

48" - $3500

40" - $2500

36" - $1900

30" - $1300

24" - $750

20" - $500

12" - $200


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4 - 30" squares current gallery price $5,200 $1,300 ea.