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Much is debated about the difference between art and porn and let's just say, there isn't any, although some of it is done better than others.  If Art is supposed to invoke feelings,

then porn invokes the deepest of feelings.

The work I have is offered in 8"x12" prints signed and matted in white 12"x16" and in a clear bag.  You can request the work printed larger or on other media like canvas or metal.

We've got three categories for your enjoyment.

Full Frontal

Action Jackson

Tasty Treats

Also, if you really appreciate this type of work and want to show your appreciation back to the photographer you can go to and for $8 a month see so much more work.  You can see whole shoots and not just one or two photos. Get all the angles and sides and lighting.  Its like Terry left his computer open and you get to see EVERYTHING!

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