Back in the 1800's the camera was invented and almost instantly freed the artist from painting reality.  This freedom created Impressionism, Futurism and Cubism among many other Isms.  In the 1970's and 80's David Hockney turned the tables and started using the camera in non-conformist ways that stood on the shoulders of Cubism to present a single subject from a variety of viewpoints.  The summer of 2016 Terry went down the road that Hockney began.  Shooting, printing, cutting and pasting photos to create new images.  But he didn't care for the "craftsy" quality of the final product.  So he stepped into the 21st Century and used Photoshop to take the photos, size them, arrange them and finish them as he imagined.  So not only has Terry gone "beyond" Hockney, but Duchamp and all the other Cubists. Notice in the four sided pieces, that these works can be hung from all for sides and still be "up". With these multi- image pieces, he can capture time, movement and a multitude of emotions in a single work of art. 

All works are for sale but are in a very limited edition of five each.  Please let us know which you'd like to purchase.  Contact us on The Artist page.

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