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In the Fall of 2009, Terry moved to Palm Springs.  He saw a magnificent sand dune and said "How do I get there?" He figured out where to park without having his car towed away. He took a model down the road, under bridges and out to the dune.  Made the model get naked, gave him 12 yards of fabric and said "hang on and don't let the wind carry you away" Go To WIND

Eventually, all that fabric needed to be washed.  It was winter and no one would be swimming in the pool for a few months, so Terry dunked the fabric in there.  The vision of the fabric swirling around in the water was so enchanting that as soon as the pool was warm enough, he made the model get naked and swim in the fabric. (Are you sensing a theme yet?) Terry has spun off all the incredible Water photos onto their own page.  Go to WATER

     With Wind and Water under his belt, Terry finally realized where this was all leading to and so he finished Earth and Fire by making the model take off their clothes pretty much anywhere for Earth and then by campfires for FIRE.

Earth is what us humans live in and on.  Therefore earth represents the actual struggle of day to day living. Wind is power and Water is magic and Fire is mystery, but Earth is our every day life. But joy can be found amongst the struggle.

     The work below is printed on a variety of media including metal, canvas or paper.  They are in many sizes.  Since all the work is digital photography, I can print nearly everything on any media and in nearly every size.  Just ask!

     Everything ordered at the same time and being shipped to the same place has only a $10 shipping fee for everything!

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