It's Pool Season!

In preparation for the upcoming Pool Season, I went through some older works and found some new gems not culled to put out.  I'm offering these on archival paper 24"x36" for $300 each.  They will be shipped in a tube, and you can get your own frame.  This is a standard size so you can get yourself a ready-made frame at Michael's or Blick's or get a custom frame job that unique to you and the art.

Being the pool work, they also look amazing on canvas and my favorite on metal. 

Just ask about sizes and costs for these.


This past week a good friend and collector ordered some hot pool photos for his new home and then came back and asked for some tamer work in case he needed to switch them out for more conservative guests.  I said sure and did a deep dive into my archives for some lighter fare around the pool.  I'm not saying there isn't nudity, but it's not quite so in your face.  You're Welcome!

These works are 8"x12" placed in a white mat 12"x16" and cost $40 each.

All with only $10 shipping total.