All sorts of new things happenening.  First, I wanted to show you the pieces being represented in Tel Aviv.  Check out their site, its quite stunning.  They represent the premiere Gay artists across the globe.  So proud to be working with them.

Terry Hastings Male Fine Art Photography – Pan Art Gallery


Next, a few pieces now available on my new site TerrysDarkroom.  To be honest, both eBay and Etsy shut me down within two weeks of each other for nudity, so I decided to create a website for my collectors where I was free to show ALL my art.  Some people may call it pornographic but the definition of Art is "something created to elicit an emotion".

And if the emotion is in your pants, so be it!

And then

Brand new work inspired by the cut outs of Matisse.  I take one of my photos and "cut out" the model.  I turn them into a solid color and then place them into a digitally created setting.  The concept is to use as little information as possible to communicate the message of the work. 

Alongside Matisse, I throw in a good portion of Hockney and Warhol. I am offering them in a 12x18 print currently for $90.  But these would be amazing as posters at 24x36 or even larger.  Just ask!

Jupiter hanging.jpg
1 earth set of 9 color.jpg
1 Greek Trio.jpg