BeBe Zahara Benet, the ORIGINAL RuPaul's Drag Race Superstar,
is celebrating her 20th year in drag.  There is also the release of her documentary "Being BeBe" directed by Emily Branham, that is showing in Film Festivals across the country and around the world.

BeBe was Terry's original muse.  She walked in to his fashion boutique in 2003 Minneapolis and had a gown created to be on stage with Cyndy Lauper for Gay Pride.  They went on to create a calendar that summer. and a few years later the coffee table book "Bella Donna"  Both honed their craft working with each other and pushing each other to new artistic heights for years.

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Below are photos taken over the years of BeBe and Terry working together.  Mind you, the swimsuit calendar was shot with a Sony Cyber shot and Terry had still not learned photoshop. The second line is developing her persona.  The third line has never really been shown.  It was a series of photos created by Terry and Bebe with just fabric and a couple of safety pins.  No sewing machines!  Glamourous Hollywood style photos follow. Sexy couples photos from the book "Bella Donna" created in 2006. BeBe in "boy drag" photos. She might kill me for posting those. Actual pages from the book. Solo Diva photos from Bella Donna, a few experimental pieces and finishing with still shots of the amazing outfits created for BeBe's first music video "I'm the Shyt" filmed in 2009.
After the video, BeBe moved to Brooklyn and Terry moved to sunny Palm Springs.
They still remain fast friends today!

All the work you see here is available for purchase.  The prices on each piece is for an 8x12 archival print in a white 12x16 matte with back board 
in a clear bag and shipped to you for $10 no matter how much you order.
The works can also be printed on canvas or metal.
Just ask about sizing and prices!