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I just received a new shipment of smaller items, perfect for gifts or adding a little pop of color to the bookshelf or sofa table.  These are smaller prints on canvas, but with a wide base so they can stand up on their own. So, if you've run out of wall space, you can sneak these in just about anywhere.

I've printed up a bunch of the fun new Photo/Graphic works. 

Some are excerpts from the Pool Party Series and others are previews of the new Full Moon Drum Circle series.


What's the Holidays like without obnoxious sales screaming in your face


So, I will do my best to help you out.

I've been digging through my portfolio and

found a number of rarely seen items.

All of these pieces are in my current inventory

and all of these are priced 50% off or more.

There is only one of each, so if you want it, grab it!


Prices good until December 31 or until I remember to change the page.

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