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Sell Your Art on the Internet

      Terry Hastings has been a photographic artist with a website for over 20 years and has a degree in Theatre. He can teach you about art and the internet and entertain you at the same time. Terry has created a lecture series designed specifically for artists from step one to step one hundred of selling art on the internet.
      He covers websites and if you really need them.  Selling your art on other websites like eBay, Etsy and SaatchiArt.  Merchandising your art and selling reproductions on FineArtAmerica et al. Printing, packing, shipping.  And finally, using social media properly to increase your collector base and sales.
      If you are new and afraid of putting your work out there, he will give you the first easy baby steps to move forward.  If you are more advanced, Terry will let you know a few of his trade secrets. Oh, who am I kidding, he will let you know all of his secrets! This guy talks!

If you can post a photo on Facebook, you can sell your art on the internet.

Terry's next lectures are schedule for:


Artist Center at the Galen, Palm Desert, CA

Saturday November 11, 1-3 $50


San Diego Watercolor Society, San Diego, CA

January 2024

More info coming soon.

Terry is available to speak to your arts organization.  

Terry is also available for one on one lessons, in person, by zoom or on the phone.

Use the contact form below for specifics!

If you aren't selling your art, you're a hoarder.  A fancy hoarder, but a hoarder none the less.

Previous Speaking engagements:

Palm Springs Art Museum -

    Art and the Internet - Spring 2018, Fall 2017

     Water - October 2015

Desert Art Center Palm Springs

     Internet Sales - Feb 2023

Janssen ArtSpace Palm Springs

     The Planets - November 2019

Palm Springs Writers Guild -

    Social Media and the Artist

UCR- Palm Desert -

     A Decade in the Desert - October 2019

     Art and the Internet - March 2017

      Judge and Jury - April 2017

Sun City Photography Club

     March 2016

Sun City Hiking Club

     March 2015

Crafton Hills College

    November 2014, 2015

And don't forget about his degree in Theatre

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