1 Michael at the Pool
1 Michael at the Pool

1 La Danse i
1 La Danse i

Ryan Relaxed
Ryan Relaxed

1 Michael at the Pool
1 Michael at the Pool



to the photography of Terry Hastings specializing in the Art of the Male Nude.

Terry is a Palm Springs, California based photographer with over 15 years of photographic experience. Terry's art has won many awards. His photos have shown in many museums and galleries across the country and are collected around the globe.

Hands Across the Sky 2x3.jpg

On this site you will be able to purchase the art of
Terry Hastings and have it shipped to you. 
His art is divided into galleries. 
four elements
experimetnal nudes
nudes and food
the planets   
classic nudes

And then the radically new no nudes at all.

Please exit through the gift shop for other special items!

Want a piece larger or smaller, just ask. Most work can be printed from 8x12 inches up to 4x8 feet.

Photos are printed on archival paper, metal or canvas. 

Outdoor metal prints can be installed securely onto your home or perimeter wall, so you can safely have art on your patio or by your pool. Installation available upon request.

If you have any questions or special requests, there are contact forms at the bottom of every page. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram. And if you want a highly immersive experience, please join my OnlyFans, where for $8 a month you can view over 4,000 more male nude photos.