No Nudes at All

Sometimes, on rare occasions, I create work with no naked bodies at all.  Its Radical! Its Modern! But I have done it.  Like with my piano collages, I tired of models not showing up, but my trusty piano was always there for me.  In the abstract shots, generally the model was lollygagging in the pool catching his breath, but I could look away and see in the pool, beauty, in the fabric by itself. So, if you desire to have your art without hot nude males in them, if you want to join the rebellion against body parts in art, these works are for you. (Tongue placed firmly in cheek)

Works on this page are listed in a variety of sizes and are printed on a variety of media,
but you may request to have them printed on paper, canvas or metal, just ask for the prices. 

You may also request larger or smaller sizes as per your needs.

All pieces have a signed Certificate of Authenticity along with its Limited Edition Number.

Shipping is only $10 total for everything that you purchase at one time to one location.

1 Glenn Miller office.jpg
1 Beethoven Pathetique.jpg