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The Planets

Planets and moons  2.jpg

This series was created the summer of 2019 and premiered at the Janssen Art Space in Palm Springs CA.  The works are based on the persona that the planets, moons, and sun were named after, mostly Roman and Greek gods, but also lovers, siblings, children, rape victims, murderers and murderees along with a few characters of Shakespeare and Alexander Pope thrown in for good measure. 

The pieces are printed on metal discs and hang easily with a nail.

The pieces are listed in their original size for the show,

but can be printed in any size you wish, just ask.

Did I mention Free Shipping?

48” - $3200 

36” - $1950 

30” - $1450 

24” - $950

20” - $600 

16” - $400 

11” - $250

8”   - $150

     The entire installation is available to rent or purchase for museums, planetariums, libraries, colleges and galleries.  The work requires a black wall 40 feet or greater.

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