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In 2010, I was showing at the Archdeacon Gallery in Palm Springs and next door was My Little Flower Shop and the guys encouraged me to create so flowers photos but using my pool and fabric concept from my water series.  I still get requests for those photos from my collectors, so here they are again on the website in earnest.

Similarly, when I was creating the water series with models and fabric, between takes and the model was resting, I'd see in the pool a great mixture of color and design and would snap a few extra photos, and thus was born my abstract series.

I've done these as squares and all are available in my fun new "POP O' COLOR" series, cute 8-inch squares that are thick enough to stand on their own.  Put them on your desk, bookshelf, sofa table, any place where you need a POP O' COLOR!

Flower Shops and Gift Stores are welcome to inquire about wholesale pricing.

But these works really shine in the large format and can dominate a room with color and vibrancy.  Talk about statement pieces.

You can find rectangles down towards the bottom of the offerings.

Shipping is only $10 total for all you purchase at the same time and shipped to the same address