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     So recently, I started creating squares after working in rectangles for 20 years. And then I found a great printer that created a great product in a small format with thick stretchers and a backing board to the canvas to prevent ripples and dimples.  These are 8-inch squares with a 1.5-inch return.  The pieces are sturdy enough to stand by themselves on a bookshelf or sofa table or piano.  You do not necessarily need a wall to display these pieces. 

     I am offering these works at wholesale prices for orders of 20 or more.  These are great for gift shops, flower shops, museum stores, hotel lobby shops...  Just write me and let me know how many you'd like and I'll give you the pricing.  I've included a lot of different styles of my work that would be appropriate in this very small format.  It's mostly about COLOR!  You will find flowers and abstracts and flotsam and jetsam and my new invention, photo/graphics. The photo/graphics are Matisse style designs that start as photos I have taken and then using Photoshop, I turn the subjects into "cutouts" (think Matisse's Blue Nude) that are solid colors with details "scratched" in.  I place them into digital backgrounds. These are smaller vignettes of persons or people from the pool party, drum circle, dancer, artist and music series.

     If you are looking for something specific, flower, activity, color scheme, just ask. I've got 20 years of photos to pull from and/or can create new work easily and quickly.