Intimate Moments

Covering a variety of places and emotions. Some of these photos date back to the earliest of Terry's photos.  Here, Terry shows off some very intimate moments between lovers, strangers, slaves, and friends...

These works are available on high quality paper with archival ink. 8"x12" with two inch border are $120.  Larger sizes available.  Contact us on The Artist page.

And to see far more moments and even hours of work, you can go to my OnlyFans page.  I have currently over 1500 photos and adding more every week.  I have been shooting the male nude for almost 20 years, so I have a lot to show.  You can see many photos of the same model and shoot and see all the different angles and features.  You can see lots of expanded coverage of themes that I can't put on most social media platforms.  All for less than the cost of a cocktail in West Hollywood.  For only $8 month you can support me and dig deep into my work.  Something only a museum curator could do after I am dead.  Please use the link to get you there...  Thank you!!


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