the planets     

     In Fifth grade, I learned about Greek Mythology.  I learned many stories that were reminiscent of superheroes and super villains: from magic thunderbolts to horses with wings to a face that could turn anyone to stone.  Such Drama!  I also learned that this used to be an entire societies religion.  And inside my head I asked: “When will my religion turn into mythology?” My art has quite consistently explored the crazy things people believe in. And this installation about our Solar System is no different. Our sun, planets and their moons were mostly named after Greek and Roman gods. I created these images of the planets featuring their namesakes from mythology and/or who represented the celestial body.

     All of the work presented are for sale.  The works are printed on circular aluminum discs and hang with a simple nail in the wall.  No need for framing.
Contact us through "The Artist" page for which piece, what size and how you would like to pay.
Artwork is available in the following diameters and prices...

48” - $2950 

36” - $1950 

30” - $1450 

24” - $550

20” - $450 

16” - $350 

11” - $250

8” - $150

     The entire installation is available to rent or purchase for museums, planetariums, libraries, colleges and galleries.  The work requires a black wall 40 feet or greater.

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