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The joys of true friendship. Yes, Terry works with female models as well! These models are actually wearing chainmail dresses created by Terry's friend and collector Jerry Hanson.  This was shot in January at a friend's condo's pool.  I was told it was heated.  After the shoot, the women ran to the hot tub with teeth chattering.  Appearantly the pool was not heated and the models never said a word.  Such professionals!!!


This magnificent photograph is a true masterpiece of fine art. It showcases the stunning work of renowned photographer Terry Hastings and features a beautiful color image that will surely captivate any viewer. The photograph is printed on high-quality paper using advanced digital production techniques, and it is elegantly framed and matted to enhance its overall appeal. The theme of this artwork is centered around the dreamscape of Palm Springs and the love of men, making it a perfect addition to any art collection.  Add this stunning piece to your home or office decor and elevate the ambiance with its beauty and grace and it comes with free shipping.


This photo is from the Water series by Terry Hastings. 


This work is offered as a 24x36, 32x48 or 40x60 inch print. Please inquire about other sizes. This work would look stunning printed on metal in a modern home. Inquire about pricing.


The work is titled, numbered, a limited edition of 99, and signed by the artist.


The photo is shipped in a double tube for safety.

Please allow 5 - 7 days for production and shipping.


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