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Having a desire to be even more "creative", Terry explored many options using the camera as the base technique.  Here we see the photocollages inspired by the "joiners" of David Hockney. As well as the Photo/Graphics inspired by the cut outs of Henri Matisse. 

Hockney created the Joiners as a way to "Draw with the Camera". He still uses techniques he created back in the 70's with his cameras that still translate into his paintings of today. In these photocollages, one can see movement, change of emotion and the passage of time, that is not usually seen in a photograph or any other representational art form. Terry, using his degree in Theatre, ups the ante in the drama presented in these collages.  To see the full scale and history of Terry's work in this style go to photocollage in the etc section.

Matisse, while bedridden near the end of his life, took up a pair of scissors and construction paper to simplify forms down to shape and a single color.  Terry, similarly, takes photos and "cuts out" the model into a solid color and scratches in important details. Terry calls this technique "Photo/Graphic" as he has taken a photo and turned it into a graphic. To see much more of this style go to cut outs in the etc section.

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