Paradise: Lost and Found
In the Fall of 2009 Terry moved to Palm Springs from Minneapolis.  He was immediately taken with his surroundings both geographical and societal.  He found this place to be a dichotomy of people: one set basking in a verdant oasis and the other set struggling in a city that was barren and dry.


Terry's first geographic adventure was out to the sand dunes just north of Palm Springs.  You can see them just off the highway to your right, as you enter from Los Angeles, this little pile of sand as if the mountain split a seam.  Terry grabbed his camera a model and 15 yards of fabric he just happened to have lying around and set out on his adventure.  The wind makes a wonderful dance partner and Terry snapped shots capturing the  beauty created by model, fabric and wind. Sometimes the wind blows off the mountain, sometimes it blows into the mountain and on those most special of days, it blows straight up to the sky!


You will notice the change in Terry's attitude toward altering photos as you scroll through these photos.  Terry had used a lot of Photoshop back in Minnesota.  Lots of studio work and lighting and fantastic story lines created a need for a lot of photo manipulation.  But as Terry continued to work outside consitently in Palm Springs, he abandonded the trickery of Photoshop for the Truth of the camera.


Many people have asked if the movie "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" was the inspiration for these photos.  And the answer is no, it goes back a bit further to the musical "Singing In The Rain" in which Cyd Charise walks into a cabaret with a white scarf blows in the wind, Gene Kelly and her are transported to a giant soundstage and do a dance sequence in which the small white scarf has been transformed into a 15 yard bolt of fabric blown about by huge fans on set.


The titles of most of these pieces are terms from electricity.  This area of Palm Springs is a giant wind farm that harnasses power from the wind.

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