The next fascinating feature of Palm Springs to inspire Terry would be the pools, EVERYWHERE.  Minnesota was the land of 10,000 lakes but nothing compares to the aqua blue of a southern California pool!

     Like the wind, water is an excellent collaborator as well.  But instead of moving items like the wind does, Water manipulates your eyes. Its technique is effortless, but the results are captivating.

     So a couple of stories to help you understand how the pool photos came about...  The first is  Terry was doing a photo shoot with a handsome male model in the pool, doing the normal sexy "I'm in the pool bitchez" sort of photos.  And the model went under the water to make himself extra wet.  As he was down there, Terry went "click" and the first photo in this series was "Dheya Submerged".  Terry placed a very large version of the photo in the front window of the gallery he was showing and within 5 minutes had an offer for the piece.

     As to how Terry came up with the idea of adding fabric to create color in the water...  Terry returned from a very windy and sandy shoot in the desert with four different 15 yeard lengths of fabric full of sand.  Since it was January and the pool was too cold to swim in, he decided to rinse them off in the pool. And when he looked down... voila!

     Water is currently Terry's most prolific body of work.  We will start with swimmers in a plain pool and then add fabric for color and then add another swimmer.  Then came the magical "Koi Pond" series.  Terry started adding props to the pool like paper umbrellas and fans, beads and banana leaves.

       Continuing on into the "Goddess" series Terry took even more control of the process by choosing myths and stories to recreate.  Once the myth was chosen, Terry chose the appropriate model, costume color and even movement to best create the image.

     The "Goddess" category is dedicated to all the strong and creative women that influenced my creative life.  From Music professor Beverly Grigsby that taught me both the past and future of Music and Dance professor Paulette Schafranski whom after taking her Modern Dance class pushed me vehemently to take her choreography class to Noreen Barnes that suffered me as an undergrad in her Master's 

Theatre class about Moliere to Margaret Mayer who told me "Why do you want to play other people's music, when you can create your own." to most importantly my own mother who gave me the most important life lesson "Do what makes you happy".

     These works are best printed on metal.  Rectangular

Extra Small Work (8"x12") $160 

Small (16"x24") $560

Medium (24"x36") $1300

Large (40"x60") $3600

Extra Large (48"x72") $5500


Extra Small (12"x12") $200  Small (20"x20") $525

Medium (30"x30") $1350

large (40"x40") $2500

extra large (48"x48") $3500  plus shipping

The book of WATER is available for $40 plus shipping.  Send us a note on THE ARTIST page

Dheya Submerged
Eddy Under
Sorry, I Can't Hear You
Shadow First
Into The Abyss
Matisse's La Danse
Hidden Kiss
La Danse
At Rest
The Dip
Stay With Me
Jorge Under Glass
Joi de Vivre'
Dalis Pool
Fire Water
Purple Chucks
Surrender Dorothy
Kallisto and Zeus/Artemis
On The Steps Of The Palace
Cloud Swimming
Wrestle 3
Dance of the Nymphs
Across The Rainbow
Under the Surface
I Do
Hold On
Jesus on the Floatie
Island Prince
Entangled Gold
Entangled Red
Menily Dancing
Menily Leaping

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