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Welcome to the photographic art of Terry Hastings specializing in Fine Art Photography.

Terry is a Palm Springs, CA based photographer with 20 years of photographic experience. Terry's art has won many awards. His photos have shown in many museums and galleries across the country and are collected around the globe.

Terry specializes in being very "creative" with both the photo shoots and how he finishes the photos.  Many of his photos are straight ahead photos, even though you it appears to be photoshopped, check out the water series.

Inspired by the Joiners of David Hockney, Terry created the collage series and a lot of work for himself.

Terry's sense of humor is on full display in the
nudes and food section, as Terry incorporates whimsy into the oft feared nude.

The latest creative device are the photo/graphics
 inspired by the cut outs of Matisse. There are the photo/graphic single using a single photo as the base and the photo/graphic multi using upwards of 300 photos as the working base of the larger pieces.

Terry has always been an artist across many disciplines all of his life.  He started playing piano at the age of 4 and drums at the age of 10.  He has a degree in Theatre and a love of Mythology as seen in the
planets series.  You can see all of his passions in his work.  Especially his love of the Male Nude.

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All Videos

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Newest of New!
Check out all the latest creations in the
Photo/Graphic multi
section.  I've taken photos and "cut out" the subjects ala Matisse and have put them into some festive settings.  Here's a little animated video of the creative process!

craft mone 2.jpg

Want a piece larger or smaller, just ask. Most work can be printed from 8x12 inches up to 4x8 feet.
Photos are printed on archival paper, metal or canvas. 
Outdoor metal prints can be installed securely onto your home or perimeter wall, so you can safely have art on your patio or by your pool. Installation available upon request.

What's Next?

October and November are going to be crazy busy, so try and keep up and come visit me at some point.

Let's start with Friday Oct. 6, 5 - 7 p.m. season kick off show at DAC, 550 N. Palm Canyon in the Uptown Design District of Palm Springs.  I was part of the redesign committee that turned this old school house into a modern art gallery.  New walls, new paint and a new attitude.

Then I drive very early the next day to the Tom of Finland Art & Culture Fair at the 

Soho Warehouse 1000 S Santa Fe Ave,
Los Angeles, CA, 90021
Saturday Oct. 7 
Tickets at: Buy Tickets to Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival 2023 – Los Angeles in Los Angeles on Oct 07, 2023 - Oct 08,2023 (
Saturday Oct. 14, 1-3, I am teaching "How to sell your Art on the Internet" at DAC in Palm Springs.  Contact me for details and to reserve your space.
Firday thru Sunday Oct, 20 - 22, is the Sugarloaf Festival of the Arts. An outdoor art show on Hwy 74 above Palm Desert. Go to Art Festival | Sugarloaf Festival Of The Arts | Mountain Center (
Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 4-5 Palm Springs Gay Pride Festival I will have a booth downtown.  Stop on buy and get some extra GAY art that weekend.
Saturday Nov. 11 1 - 3 p.m. "Selling Art on the Internet" this time at the Artists Center in Palm Desert. AC WORKSHOPS & CLASSES - FALL 2023 (
And finally, Thanksgiving Weekend Friday through Sunday, 10 - 4 each day in the West Parking lot of The River at Rancho Mirage.
I'll be dead after that...
Stay With Me epc.jpg

If you have any questions or special requests, there are contact forms at the bottom of every page.

If you are looking for something a little more raw in nature, please check out my other website
Follow me on Twitter and Instagram. And if you want a highly immersive experience, please join my OnlyFans, where for $8 a month you can view over 8,000 male nude photos and videos.

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