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The Photographic Art of

Terry Hastings

     The Rebellious Nude!

Why is nudity bad?  Why do have laws about what we wear? Why is the very first thing Adam and Eve discover after eating the apple is that they are naked and need to sew fig leaves together?  Where did they get needle and thread? There are only two reasons for clothing, comfort and fun! We are born naked and most of us enjoy being naked, but society has informed us nudity is bad.

So, in the following website, there will be a lot of nudity, not gratuitous but chosen carefully.  Terry is striving to take the nude out of the bedroom and bathroom and place it proudly in the living room!

Terry Hastings is an artist of many talents.  Growing up in Minnesota, he first started learning piano at the age of 5. And then drums and choir and speech. Eventually, he received a degree in Theatre from California University at Northridge. After many years in the theatre and taking weeks or even months to create a show, Terry desired something a bit more timely.  He picked up the camera and started down this path of finding beauty in the world.  In 2009, he moved to Palm Springs California, and everything changed. He was now in a climate where he could be outside nearly every day of the year. Without the need for studio lighting, he began to work almost exclusively with natural light. 

      Terry first made his way out to the desert, enjoying all that the new terrain inspired.  Shortly thereafter, it became warmer, MUCH warmer, and thus the pool outside his door called to him and invited him in to create in the relaxed but magical atmosphere of the Southern California pool that had lured David Hockney, decades earlier.  After a few years of exploring these genres, Terry wanted to create something a little more complex, perhaps a bit of "Culture".  First following his favorite artist, Mr. Hockney, Terry started into the creation of the "joiners" or photo collages. Using hundreds of photos, Terry pieced together these images that contain the passing of time and movement.  Terry's creativity led him to the late work of Henri Matisse and his "cut outs".  Terry takes photos of his model in movement and then with photoshop cuts them out and turns them into solid colors with small details scratched in.  He then creates a digital world for them to inhabit.

     If you would like to see a much broader spectrum of the works by Terry Hastings, we've added the etc section.  This section gives you an extensive view of Terry's Fine Art Photography.

     If you would like to watch Terry's work in real time, please follow him on Instagram at

     If you are a fan of the male form and desire something in the erotic nature, please check out  You can also follow Terry on X/Twitter.

And for those of you that really enjoy the male form in ALL of its angles and settings, you can follow Terry's OnlyFans page.  For only $8 a month, you can view over 10,000 male nude photos.  This is a chance for you to see entire photoshoots, view behind the scenes videos and see everything you've dreamed that Terry is doing.

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